Shipping – Yes, we’ll send our boats anywhere!

We are a direct sales business, selling to our final customers without a distribution and/or retailers chain. We can deliver your tender from our factory direct to your boat. You can choose what, where and when you want your tender, we will do our best to accommodate your request. We will make international shipping fairly simple and straight forward process by looking after all your needs from this end along with our freight forwarding service partners.
Give our team as much notice as possible ahead of your timeline so we can aim for the best possible outcome time-wise.

Things to consider:

  • Timeframe: minimum 60 days transit time from the NZ Factory to your door is a secure average to start from.  For Australian and Sth Pacific clients, usually 15-20 days from departure from NZ to depot. Please note this is indicative only. It is sea freight, many variables are at play. Currently all freight to Europe is being impacted by “war surcharges” as ships sail via Sth Africa instead of the Suez Canal adding time (2 weeks) and extra costs to the freight cost. Always allow for delays.
  • Collection from a local depot: the cheapest way to have the crates shipped is to collect them from a local depot using a trailer or a large ute. No un-crating services provided.
  • Delivery to door: the crate needs to be taken off a truck when it arrives at destination, therefore places with forklifts or other means of taking the crate off the truck are ideal (Boatyards and Marinas usually have them available)
  • Airfreight: New Zealand have increased considerably its airfreight capacity since COVID related lockdowns and flight reductions. Therefore if in a hurry, this very much a financially viable option to some of the bigger centers. Please note some airlines have size restrictions so not all models can be transported.




We deliver our custom built crates worldwide by working in partnership with the best freight forwarders in NZ. All prices disclaimed are EXW terms (except our USA price lists), once we establish the client’s requirements we are able to provide quotes including freight costs such as CFR and DAP (with or without clearance depending on destination. Please note all our quotes are based on current costs at quoting time and will need to be renewed closer to shipping dates and variations may occur. All quotes are revised and checked with clients prior to production. Deposits are fully refundable if circumstances change.
CURRENT ESTIMATED FREIGHT COSTS ON POPULAR DESTINATIONS (based on delivery to local depot of model the OC350) *Last updated: January 2024
FRANCE – La Rochelle: NZD 4700 ( Please note currently there is a “war surcharge” for sea freight and all ship are sailing via Sth Africa adding 2 weeks and more costs to the freight) AUSTRALIA Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne metro NZD 1500 (DAP Terms)   SOUTH AFRICA    Cape Town  NZD 1000 (CFR terms) GREECE NZD 1300 (CFR Terms) TAHITI – NZD2300 ( CFR Terms) UK – London depot NZD 2600 (DAP Terms)
Delivery to a marina or boatyard is easily organized, contact us for more information.


For the USA only, we can offer an all inclusive price in USD, delivered to the following depots: closest depot to your preferred destination in any State in the USA from the list bellow:

NC Charlotte, PA Philadelphia, TX Houston, CA  Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, FL Miami, WA Seattle 

Our USA pricelists include freight, insurance, crate, transportation from factory, all origin and destination costs, clearance, import tax and duties. All that is left to do is collect the tender and register it in your State (registration and state sales tax may be due upon registration). Deliveries to other areas also available at potential extra cost.
We have bespoke door deliveries available in Florida ( via The Yacht Rigger based in St Petersburg) and  Washington State and surroundings (via Pelagic Systems based in Anacortes). Our associates in these areas have tons of personal offshore cruising experience offering a lot of expertise to assist with any requirements.