Sailing Tenders

Sailing Tenders


Standard Tender of your choice (except the OC270) plus: Centreboard case and mast base holder, 6 meters – 2 piece – 30% carbon spiral flex mast, 2.3 meters boom – including spectra eye attachment point as goose neck and clue, Dacron 4oz Mainsail ( 3 battens in leech), blocks for Mainsheet, rachett block with cam cleat for mainsheet,  mainsheet braid, Dynema rope for lashings and trim systems, down haul system including blocks and storage bag for Sailing Kit.

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You asked, we heard!

Combine all the functionality of an Offshore Cruising Tender with all the fun sailing can provide! Perfect for families with budding sailors and a relaxing sail around the anchorage!

Starting from NZ $ 18,000 + GST