OCTenders in the media

OCTenders in the Media

Boating NZ reviews the OC Tender

Words and photos by Matt Vance

The cruising yachtie’s tender is a hardworking, ill-treated and vital part of the cruising experience. The OC Tender thrives on the punishment.

Mentioning the ideal tender in the company of a group of cruising yachties is asking for trouble. Like religion and politics it is a topic you avoid if you want to keep it all civilised, or indeed keep all your teeth.

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Styrotech CNC

The Offshore Cruising Tenders OC300

The OC300 started as an idea, based on experience of what was required to make a good offshore cruising tender. The idea was developed by Russell Carlyon, designed by Kevin Trotter, who created the CAD model for the mould which was then cut by Styrotech CNC.

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Cruisers’ top deck gear

Yachting World by Toby Hodges

“We’re not sure if it’s deck gear, but the most recent purchase we can recommend is this foam sandwich dinghy.”

The Dyers’ OC Tender 300 is 3.04m (9ft 11in) in length and weighs just 42kg. The wide, chined shape with plumb bow provides a stable yet light platform, one that should plane easily.

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