How to choose

How to choose the right tender for you

OCTenders has been built to maximise power with minimal weight. We spent a lot of brain power and time building a light boat so you can get places efficiently, safely and dry. Drag/wheel it up the beach rather than anchor out. Large engines are heavy to handle and potentially dangerous in inexperienced hands on our tenders. Things to think about before ordering the right size OC Tender:


How many passengers do you usually carry?
If 2 we recommend the OC300, if 4 we recommend the OC350. The other models are a size adaptation for storage reasons and/or personal preferences.

What HP outboard to use?
8hp (OC270 & OC300) and 15hp (OC330 & OC350) are our preferred maximum HP for our range of tenders.

How do store your tender?
Deck, davits, duckboards, we have seen it all!  4 standard lifting points can service most of your needs. We can relocate the bow lifting points either forward or behind the thwart seat.


OC Tenders are shipped overseas in custom built crates all over the world.

The crates are built by our team and made of solid, treated plywood and transported to Auckland to be shipped overseas by your preferred freight forwarder or we can recommend one.

All overseas shipped tenders are GST Zero Rated meaning you do not need to pay the GST content in NZ, only at destination (if any).

Customizing Options

We can adapt to specific needs within the limits of the tender and willingness of the builder. We have a range of optional extras available, the most popular are:


  • Full carbon construction
  • Custom Sunbrella rubrail cover
  • Boat cover ( white and light grey only)
  • 1.6 mm alloy plate on the bottom delta panel for full abrasion protection (adds up to 5 kgs to the tender)
  • Mother vessel’s name vinyl cut
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Telescopic ladder
For more about these items check out the accessories page for details.