What people are saying about us

John and Lyn Martin from Sail South Pacific

To all those thinking of upgrading to an OC Tender, go ahead, you’ll never look back! Two years ago we moved from a RHIB (Rigid Hulled Inflatable boat) to a 3.0m OCT.

We named her OCeloT because she’s good in the water thanks to a Tohatsu 9.8hp outboard and out thanks to her light weight and a great pair of wheels. Boarding steps at the back of our OC Tender allow easy access from the water and she’s an all round great platform for everything we need to do away from mother ship Windflower.

On a scale of 1 – 10 for practicality our OCT comes in right up there, 🙂 10. For after sales service Russell, Karin and the team go above and beyond and rate the full 10.1 Since taking possession or our OCT there has been continuous development in both the small detail and large.

Well done guy’s, keep up the great work, we highly recommend your product.”

 Lyn Martin, SV Windflower 


Daniel Swedma – Sweden, Lagoon 45


We would like to thank you for our awesome tender! Its bloody amazing! Everyone I meet wants one and I understand why! With our 15 hp we are faster than most tenders with way way bigger motor! We can load way more “cargo” than we could with our old inflatable and this with a smaller motor! Instead of doing impossible “rubber” repairs on an inflatable we can make our new baby look like brand new with the help of a little gelcoat! We also keep the weight down on our davits with is another huge upside!Feel free to use us a reference at any time! Thanks again! And keep the good work up!

Daniel & Anna – S.Y. Baydreamer”

Lagoon 45



Richie Rigg

Fishing out of an OCT is a dream,no worries about barracuda or big mackerel bites, gaff or other punctures, with a much faster, drier ride in rough conditions.”

Richie Rigg

Tim Dunlap – OC350-C #1

“We think the OC is a total game changer and are very pleased to have purchased one. As any boat gets smaller, the compromises get larger. It becomes harder to get things right. You guys have manage to build the perfect yacht tender. That is something of a major achievement in such a small boat.”


Eric Becker, Seattle – USA

Hi Karin,
I did get a chance to get out on weekend trip. We sailed, rowed and motored the dinghy. Lots of fun. It is a highly crafted boat. I appreciate the attention to detail. It carried us very comfortably to shore and sailed well in light and shifty conditions.

Mark McGovern – East Coast USA

Hands down the best designed and most well thought out cruising tender on the market. It’s lightweight, durable, easily repairable and beautiful. We loved it so much we had it shipped to us halfway around the world!”

Hamish Willcox

Go for it guys, best tender in the world !!”

Hamish Wilcox

Tim Chrisp

“Now in Sardinia, heading West through Italy, Sicily and to Montenegro. I have this big beautiful catamaran and honestly 80% of the people who come up to gawk are looking at the OCT !! She is cool.”


Jean-Pierre Massicote (owner of the original Super Mini OC270 since 2015)

“Hello, we are now back in the Caribbean, Vanille custom super mini tender still looks stunning and draws constant comments from many cruisers. We are still proud and very happy users, no more wet back, very good load carrying capacity, the 8 hp mercury is more than enough for speedy and comfortable ride. What to say more? I think I like my tender more than the sailboat I own! “

Paul and Andy S/V Talulah Ruby 111

We on Talulah Ruby 111 took delivery of our OC tender 3.00 last month, we are now in Fiji giving her a real test, we are so pleased with the performance and ease of handling.

The build quality is fantastic, we opted for a few extras the extra nonslip which has proved invaluable getting on and off our boat, wheels that actually work, and a  boarding ladder that is the envy of all snorkellers and divers.

Thank you.”

Paul and Andy, S/V Talulah Ruby 111