Introducing the OC Sailing Tender - the ultimate cruisers toy

Introducing the OC Sailing Tender - the ultimate cruisers toy

It is with enormous pleasure Offshore Cruising tenders can now offer the new and improved 2022 model of our sailing tender. With a fresh new sail, re-designed foil package, and all the components carefully planned for an easy transition from tender to SAILING tender, this is a model sure to please the entire family. Whether it’s for your offshore cruising expedition, a play with the kids, or that solo sunset sail in your anchorage – the potential is endless – just add water and a bit of wind!

The Offshore Cruising Tender concept

This is an unique proposition when it comes to cruising tenders. A fully functional, dry, stable and high performance tender which can also be used for recreational sailing purposes. The sailing performance is not too shabby either! Expect the unexpected when it comes to delivering performance in all modes.
The main difference between the sailing and standard models during tender mode, is the centre case attached to the thwart seat and the mast step located under the thwart seat. These cannot be removed from the tender. In order to use the standard tender mode, you will need to use the centre case plug which will stop any water getting into the tender at high speeds. The extras add on average 6 kgs to the overall weight and take very little space.

All sailing components are stored in bags which will fit inside the tender and can be deployed from anywhere, your main boat, the beach or lakes. 



  • Mast: 6 m in 2 sections (30% carbon spiral flex) with bolt rope, tracks and feeder,
  • Boom (30% Carbon spiral flex),
  • Centreboard and centre case plug (for use in ‘tender’ mode’),
  • Rudder: Single kick up rudder blade in full carbon components and tiller with extension,
  • Sail: 7.5 m²square meters, with a deep reef at 5.5 square meters. Custom designed rounded square top with battens,
  • Blocks, all hardware, main sheet and dynema soft shackles for lashings,
  • Hiking straps,
  • Storage bags for all equipment to be stored when not in use.


A re-designed sail has been bought to life by a team of experts, including one of Team NZ’s sailmakers on his time off from the racing scene!  The square-top profile gives the OC an added edge both in shape and performance, which is perfect for teaching the kids to sail or making use of your anchorage’s breeze. The package is made with performance and simplicity in mind. 

Standard Fibreglass Sailing OC330: 68kg
Standard Fibreglass Sailing OC350: 74kg
Sailing components will add another 15kgs

*Weights include all standard items (oars, rubrail cover, bags, alloy standard plates, painter, fittings, seat blocks, centre case, centre case plug/fittings, and mast step). 

See details and pricing on our Sailing Tender information page, and feel free to get in touch for more information. 


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